Caravan Guard has launched a new motorhome scheme that will be available to intermediaries from April 1.

The product is underwritten by Avon. Caravan Guard development manager Chris Nettleton explains the scheme's benefits: “Several motorhome policies sold direct to motorhome owners automatically include cover features such as 12 months foreign use and European breakdown cover,” he said.

“The Caravan Guard policy allows motorhome owners to select only the cover they require, therefore avoiding paying for unnecessary cover.

“If you only use your motorhome in the UK, why pay the same as someone who goes to the continent for several months a year?”

The standard Caravan Guard policy is fully comprehensive, with automatic cover for motorhome equipment cover of £5,000 and a two-year replacement vehicle benefit.

The company promises to maintain service standards and offers a 14-day money back guarantee. In addition, there are no forms to complete.