From an insurers point of view we want to settle valid claims as quickly and as economically as possible, and experience tells us that the longer a claim remains open, the more expensive it will be

Rehabilitation companies have told me on many occasions that rehabilitating injured claimants can save insurers money. But only one thing is guaranteed, and that is the bill of the rehabilitation expert. The possibility of the rehabilitation programme being successful, resulting in a saving is less tangible.

Rehabilitation could be used to greater effect, and for the well-being of injured claimants as well as the good of the economy. If the insurance industry can be persuaded to buy into the potentially expensive idea of proactively nursing injured claimants back to health, and back to work, this is likely to have a beneficial effect, not only upon the claimant, but the insurer,and the state, who will both be paying ot less.

I would prefer to see some form of evidence which quantifies the benefits of money spent on rehabilitation before taking the first step.