Medico-Legal Reporting (MLR) is launching a service it claims will improve the quality of evidence available to insurers on the extent of claimants' personal injuries and reduce fraudulent claims.

Photofile will provide insurers with a series of high quality photographs confirming the location and size of scarring or other injuries.

Each series will include a photograph showing the general location of the injury and a number of close up photographs with measurements of the injury.

MLR director Madeleine MacLachlan said: "Insurers have been calling for more information on the injuries claimants had sustained. Our service will provide insurers with a much clearer understanding of the nature and impact of the injury on the claimant."

MacLachlan also said that the service would assist in reducing fraudulent claims. Insurers, she said, were becoming increasingly concerned about claims in which claimants used pictures of other people's scars to exaggerate their injuries.

She said that Photofile would combat the problem by including an identification picture of the claimant, coupled with a signed declaration of the claimant's identity from the photographer.