A new home security initiative involving the library service has been launched on a pilot basis by Folgate Insurance.

Under the scheme, library users will be able to hire security marking kits from the library for £1.

The kits contain diamond tip scribers, ultra violet pens and other discreet but indelible marking devices. The kits will initially be available to people living in the Poole and Bournemouth library areas. If the pilot is successful, Folgate said it will roll out the initiative nationwide.

Folgate, a broker-only insurer, said the aim is to cut burglaries in communities and reward those who take security seriously with discounts of up to 20% on household insurance.

"Reducing theft from homes is about more than just physical security," said Folgate's marketing director Ian Boyd.

"A partnership with the library service seemed to be the perfect choice as it provides consumers access to kits which are far too expensive to warrant purchase for a one-off use."

In Bournemouth, local library manager Jane Roxby said that the feedback to date had been encouraging.

"Libraries these days are not just about books," she said. "We are focal points for community information and, as such, being able to offer an additional service which not only benefits our visitors but also assists the police is a positive step forward."