When Backchat revealed that Sheilas’ Wheels buxom brunette Emma Robbins was married to a Teletubby, few thought it would be Tinky Winky.

Robbins, who met Simon Shelton – aka “the purple one with the handbag” – when casting for a Cliff Richard tour, said it was love at first sight.

“I didn’t say Eh-Oh. [It was] more like ‘Hellloooo,” she told The Sun.

Her comments came as the Sheilas’ released their debut single, I’m so happy happy you’re mine mine.

They imaginatively stated on their website they would be “happy happy” if it reached number one.

But the Sheilas were apparently “gutted gutted” that “no one no one, bought it bought it”.

At least Robbins could be guaranteed a consolatory “big hug”.