I refer to your item entitled "Silly Seekers" (Backchat, 24 February) wherein some research was attributed to motor-insurance.co.uk.

The research was actually carried out by www.motorinsurance.co.uk, part of A Quote, in turn part of my beautifully forming Highway Retail division.

We are proud of the plethora of fine domain names that we own which are, in addition to motorinsurance.co.uk, houseinsurance.co.uk, contentsinsurance.co.uk, buildingsinsurance.co.uk, and holidayinsurance.co.uk.

We were pleased with the overall research findings but surprised by the bizarre nature of the search terms used by surfers looking for motor insurance - "insurance companies that specialise in convictions", "cheap women insurance", "fast cars girls", "insurance for young ladies who have just passed their test cheap" and perhaps strangest of all - "the full monty lady only insurance". Perhaps they didn't want cover at all.

Paul Cosh
Managing director
Highway Retail