Interim results of Insurance Times Fraud Survey released

‘Slips and trips’ claims is the fastest growing fraudulent claims trend in the insurance industry, according to the interim results of an exclusive Insurance Times Fraud Survey.

The second annual survey on insurance fraud has so far found that 46.6% of insurer and broker respondents perceive this claim type to be the most concerning. This is ahead of psychological claims and deafness claims, which are both currently at 20% each.

The vast majority of respondents to date (86.6%) also agree with the new court rules that cases should be thrown out in their entirety should a claimant be proved as ‘fundamentally dishonest’. And, unsurprisingly, some 77% of survey respondents said motor was perceived as the easiest product line to commit insurance fraud in personal lines.

Insurers and brokers have until this Friday to submit their views on insurance fraud. Take the short online survey by clicking here.

The full results will be printed in the second annual Insurance Times Fraud Report, released online for subscribers on 24 November.