Point-of-quote service will allow dynamic pricing and help cut fraud


Data enrichment provider Insurance Initiatives Ltd (IIL) is launching a new point-of-quote broker enrichment service in partnership with insurance software house CDL.

The data enrichment solution will provide brokers with real-time access to public and private data sources that can be used across all insurance product classes.

IIL executive chairman John Hooper said: “We are delighted to expand our partnership by launching this new solution to the CDL broking community. This is an invaluable tool that brokers can use to improve risk selection, flex pricing at point-of-quote and reduce the risk of fraudulent claims.”

CDL commercial director Nigel Phillips said: “Following on from the launch of our enhanced insurer enrichment service with IIL earlier in the year, we’re excited to offer this enhanced data enrichment service for brokers.

“The fully-automated solution, powered by CDL’s real-time pricing module and enrichment hub, will allow brokers to enrich their quotes using data from a wide ranges of sources, enhancing their rating tools based on the customer’s propensity to claim.”