Bike insurance rivals clash over defamation claims

Southern Rock Insurance has issued defamation proceedings in the High Court against broker Carole Nash.

The action is over claims that Carole Nash employees were engaged in a "concerted campaign " to discredit Southern
Rock 's eBike motorcycle cover product.

The dispute arose after staff at Southern Rock recorded sales calls to Carole Nash employees during which, the insurer alleged,call centre staff openly criticised eBike.

Sales staff at Carole Nash allegedly said that Southern Rock was an unregulated company and that policyholders who wanted to make a claim would not be able to speak to anyone because eBike was an internet-only outfit.

One Carole Nash employee is also understood to have described eBike as "dodgy ".

Michael Lee,managing director of Southern Rock, said: "We have recently become aware that,rather than compete fairly, Carole Nash employees have been indulging in a concerted campaign to discredit our brand with our customers."

Southern Rock is now seeking an apology and compensation for damage to its reputation caused by alleged defamation and malicious falsehood.

Arron Banks, a director at Southern Rock, said: "We have transcriptions of the phone calls so Carole Nash cannot
deny what has been going on.

"The similarities in what the staff were saying would strongly suggest that this was a choreographed campaign by the management."

He added: "It is flattering that they have had to resort to these lengths but it is a matter of principle.

"We have no option but to seek legal redress."

A spokesman for Carole Nash said: "We are aware that a writ has been issued and have referred the matter to our legal advisers."