Software house suffers new issue on its Pure platform


SSP has apologised after yet another disruption hit services to brokers.

The latest disruption hit SSP’s Pure Broking platform yesterday, with brokers reporting that their systems were patchy, meaning some staff could work and others could not.

However, SSP has now fixed the problem and released a statement saying: ”Apologies for the disruption to the service today. All Pure Broking and related apps are now restored.”

The latest setback for SSP follows a torrid year for the software house. SSP has sparked the anger of UK brokers after a power outage in the summer left some brokers unable to work for weeks.

Currently, software houses in the UK are unregulated, although many brokers feel they present one of the greatest systemic risks to customers and now want them to come under greater regulatory control.

The FCA has kept close tabs on the situation with SSP, also reminding brokers that despite the issues they must not fall short of their compliance duties.