Software house said it was already a “long” way through the process before setback

Loss of power

SSP has said it is unlikely that its systems will be back up and fully running today.

The software house said that yesterday it encountered a hardware failure in its storage facility, which has set back its timeline for getting service restored.

It has now been a week since the software house suffered a power outage leaving many brokers unable to access certain parts of the system or carry out day-to-day trading tasks.

The SSP released another update this morning.

The storage area network comprises a large number of storage disks, grouped into cassettes, over which the business and configuration data that supports our systems is housed.

It was damage to a small number of these disks following the exceptional disruption to power supply that caused the original loss of service.

With support from HP it has now dealt with the original damage to the disks.

But added that it was a “long” way through the process of restoring the data required to support our customers, when the work was interrupted by a recurrence of the original problem.

SSP said: “It is of course very regrettable that we are now unlikely to fulfil our objective of starting to get customers live today (Friday). 

“We are of course working hard to sort out the recurrence of this issue, while progressing with those restoration activities that can be undertaken in parallel. The process of recovering data that was affected by the recurrence will take some time.

“We are working on estimating that impact as a matter of urgency. We will provide a further update on our next steps and timing as soon as we can. We are targeting 12:00 noon today for the next update.

“Once again, SSP apologises for the disruption to the businesses of our affected customers and to the inconvenience that this incident is causing their staff, management and customers. We are giving the resolution work the highest priority within our business.”