What do Prince Charles, Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio have in common? They're all Scorpios, which according to research by CIS is the safest zodiac sign for motorists.

Scorpios are on average the best drivers, having 19% fewer accidents than Arians, who top the star signs for the most accidents. Some famous Arians include footballer Robbie Fowler, film director Quentin Tarantino and Hollywood hellraiser Robert Downey Jr.

An analysis of CIS's motor insurance database covering 200,000 accidents over a four-year period shows Arians accounted for more than 17,000 of these.

CIS spokesman Russ Brady said the astrological information was an exercise in fun: “Thankfully, we don't intend to factor this information in to future premium rates, so those people born under the sign of Aries need not fear.”

The ranking of motor accidents by star signs, safest drivers first, is: 1, Scorpio; 2, Sagittarius; 3, Pisces; 4, Capricorn; 5, Libra; 6, Virgo; 7. Aquarius; 8, Taurus; 9, Leo; 10, Cancer; 11, Gemini; 12, Aries.