Sterling Insurance is underwriting a new range of policies from bespoke warranty assistance provider Mondial.

Lee Taylor, warranty sales manager and head of Mondial's finance and insurance (F&I) products division, commented: “Fundamentally, our aim is to be the number one choice for manufacturer branded warranty F&I solutions. With the considerable shake-up and uncertainty regarding reliability of suppliers in this market, Mondial is well placed as a blue chip global player.”

He added “We understand fully the challenges faced by dealers, their manufacturers and their associated finance companies and we have no doubt that our clients will appreciate the benefits of an integrated approach across all warranty, GAP and Creditor insurance products. Sterling has already achieved significant success in the automotive GAP and Creditor insurance markets and we believe they are the perfect partner for Mondial in driving this forward.”

John Blundell, Sterling managing director, said: “We are delighted to have been selected by the Mondial UK. Mondial is ideally positioned to deliver improvements to manufacturers and their finance providers with a broader spectrum of warranty and F&I products from under one roof while capitalising on economies of scale and industry expertise”.

Taylor concluded: “This is a really exciting new development for both Mondial and Sterling and we are sure that in time our goal of becoming the top warranty and F&I product provider will be achieved by offering a single supplier solution.”