The week's winners
Culver up 15.4%
Cox up 10%

The week's losers
Windsor down 5.3%
R&SA down 4.2%

Brit took the campaign trail with gusto this week. The group took a 1.7% stake in fellow Lloyd's operator Chaucer and bought the renewal rights of Markel's UK motor book - bringing in £16.2m of gross premium.

And all this was after it glimpsed the end of its victorious campaign to acquire PRI, which was due to be delisted from the Alternative Investment Market this week.

The group's share price hasn't yet jumped: it rose 3% on Tuesday to 77p, but could be one to watch.

Meanwhile, the flurry of flotation and acquisition activity from the insurance sector looks set to continue.

Broker Jardine Lloyd Thompson has been keeping a relatively low profile recently, but rumours that it has a £100m war-chest for acquisitions could lead to it being watched more closely.

JLT was a hero of the FTSE last year. Its share price cleared 713p in November before settling back in the first quarter of this year to the mid-to-high 500p. But last month was more successful, with a rise to 630p.

This is in addition to Trenwick, still rumoured to be on the point of launching a management buy-out to rescue the London operation from its beleaguered international parent.

Meanwhile, Domestic & General was being tipped as a buy by Paul Hodges, analyst at Collins Stewart.

He says that D&G's stock price is driven mainly by its loss ratio, which he forecast would fall in line with new business, which carries a higher loss ratio, matures.

Hodges forecasts a valuation of about 650p a share, against 467p on Tuesday, based on the loss ratio falling back into a historical range after its expected rise later on this year.