The week's winners
SVB up 6.5%
Cox up 5.3%
The week's losers
Culver down 18.8%
Brit down 4.8%

This could be the week when Royal & Sun Alliance returns to what it sees as its rightful home in the FTSE 100.

Unceremoniously ejected from the blue chip index in March, the stock has since started on a long-awaited recovery.

It has clambered its way to about 142p - its opening price on Tuesday - from the dismal lows of less than 60p in March.

Illustrating the laborious nature of its task was the reception to news this week that it had sold its US surplus lines business for £72m, in a move expected to release £198m of risk-based capital for underwriting.

The cash sale, to Alleghany Insurance Holdings, was followed by the announcement that R&SA agreed to sell its Puerto Rican subsidiary for $38m.

Together, the two deals bring to £900m the amount of capital R&SA has freed up since it launched a survival plan in November.

The insurer has a target of raising £1.5bn and cutting 12,000 jobs.

Opinions were divided on the price it achieved and many commentators will be waiting for chief executive Andy Haste to signal where the remaining £600m will come from.

Benfield's planned float continues to generate interest, with reports that the shares will be priced between 230p and 260p, valuing the company in a range from about £575m to £650m.

The banks leading the IPO, which aims to raise £100m for the reinsurance broker, are working for a fixed 3.75% fee, according to the prospectus.