Flood risk puzzle
Homeowners are baffled by the information available to them about flood risks, according to research by Norwich Union.

The survey suggests that the UK is only now becoming aware of the threat of flooding. One in five British people have been affected by flooding and almost a third worry more about flooding than they did 12 months ago. The survey said almost 70% feel flood defences do not provide adequate protection against flooding.

NIG in Watford
NIG has opened a London Thames Valley office in Watford.

Terror predictor
A software product that enables insurers to monitor concentrations of terrorism risk has been launched by reinsurance broker Benfield Group.

Expect (exposure evaluation and control tool) uses an internal database of postcodes to estimate the insurer's peak exposure accumulation in a specific country or region.

Checking Scotland
Bristol-based customer service consultant Direct Excellence has opened an office in Scotland.

The company measures insurers' call centre services.

CII high street call
The CII has called for high street retailers and travel agents to demonstrate they are fit to sell insurance.

The CII said it is concerned that people are purchasing products that do not fit their needs.

Airline warning
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has warned that high insurance costs are threatening the survival of several airlines.

IATA chairman Ralf Oessler said that the world's airlines made a combined $13bn (£8.1bn) loss in 2002, with further losses expected this year.

He said in 2002 all-risk aviation insurance premiums were estimated at $3.3bn (£1.8bn), but claims totalled only $930m (£580m).