A new health insurance provider claims it is the first to offer lower premiums to non-smokers.

Healthcare 4 Life is the brainchild of a team of former OHRA UK employees, and is headed by Hazel Berrill who has worked in the personal medical insurance sector for ten years.

Berrill said Healthcare 4 Life was simply extending the concept of lower premiums for non-smokers, that has been commonplace in the life insurance sector for many years.

She said: “With the introduction of non-smoker discounts to this sector, we are acknowledging that healthier lifestyles lead to fewer claims.”

Berrill added that she believed discounts for non-smokers would become a standard feature within the PMI sector.

The company announced Healthcare 4 Life in advance of more detailed information on the product because of market speculation about Berrill's next move after she left OHRA in August.