An examination by US regulators due to be published in the next few weeks will conclude Lloyd's has sufficient funds to pay for WTC losses.

In September, Lloyd's told the US National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) that the events on 11 September would result in an estimated net loss of £1.3bn.

It also outlined the level of reinsurance protection in place and how much it thought could be recovered.

In the meantime, the NAIC agreed the amount to be deposited in trust funds would be cut from 100% of gross liabilities to 60% until March 2002.

The following month, the NAIC, chaired by John Oxendine, began an examination to check the accuracy of these representations with the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Chairman Sax Riley, chief executive officer Nick Prettejohn and head of regulation David Gittings were all questioned.

Speaking exclusively to Insurance Times, Oxendine said the report was nearly completed.

"We have done our examination and are just massaging it and getting ready to do the final report," he said. "The regulators are just going over it."

Oxendine added it would conclude Lloyd's members can meet their 100% funding requirements.

"From our examination, we believe they will be able to complete that," he said. "The report will be favourable. We feel comfortable they are going to make the 31 March deadline."

A public report detailing the examination is due out in the next few weeks.