Outsourcing will take over motor claims management within two years, a survey by Town & Country has revealed.

The first-ever national outsourcing survey, conducted in conjunction with Insurance Times, showed more than 66% of all insurance brokers currently outsourced uninsured loss recovery for motor claims and 43% outsourced insured loss recovery.

Furthermore, the survey also highlighted that 32% outsourced their third-party claims handling.

The survey by the Ipswich-based outsourcing company also showed almost 30% of all insurers and 33% of all brokers believed that motor claims management would be the most popular form of outsourcing over the next two years.

Accident repair management was also likely to be outsourced by 25% of insurers and 22% of brokers.

There was almost unanimous agreement between brokers and insurers that the two most important factors in selecting a claims management company was reputation and flexibility of service.

They considered price unimportant, with less than 10% of respondents mentioning it.

However, price featured more prominently as a reason for not outsourcing, with 20% citing it as their primary reason.

A significant proportion also cited loss of customer control.

Only 10% of insurers and 25% of brokers cited claims management as a core element of their business.