Nine people survived when an airliner crashed coming in to land at Zurich airport, Switzerland, killing 24 people.

Crossair flight LX3597 from Berlin went down in rain and snow just after 10pm on Saturday

The crash is not expected to cost insurers more than $50m (£35m). The British built Avro RJ-100 was carrying 28 passengers and five crew.

The airline's chief executive, Andre Dose, said there were no signs that terrorists were to blame.

Among the dead was US singer Melanie Thornton, touring to promote her album Ready To Fly.

Crossair is a subsidiary of troubled Swissair, which last month had its aircraft grounded because it could not pay fuel and landing bills.

Swissair received help from the government and investors but is struggling to fill seats. The crash is likely to add to its troubles.

"It has come at a very difficult time," said Dose.

One aviation insurance insider, who asked not to be named, said the four-engined jet had a good safety record.

The crash was Crossair's second in two years.