David Drew commercial lines director at Folgate loves golf, footie and Tina Turner and hates public transport.

What newspaper do you read?
Times and Sunday Times

What career did you want to have when you were a child?
To be a fighter pilot or play football for England

What was the worst business decision you have ever made?
Difficult to rate but they usually occur when I'm not backing my instinct

What do you like best about insurance?
The people

What would you do tomorrow if you left the insurance industry?
Play golf

How do you relax if you do not play golf?
Watch football

What is the biggest insurance claim you have ever made?
I have been claim free for the past 20 years (excluding motor fleet)

Who do you most admire?
Tina Turner in concert

Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?
To beat par on ANY golf course

On dress down Friday, what do you wear?
If we had a dress down policy I'd probably forget and wear a normal business suit

How many people have you sacked?
They're easily counted on the fingers of one hand

What is your favourite quote?
“As cunning as fox with a degree in cunning from Oxford University” – Blackadder

What is your most over-used phrase?
“Why not?”

What keeps you awake at night?
My wife

What advice would you give someone starting in insurance today?
Make sure you join a company that offers quality training and seek as much responsibility as you can handle. Insurance offers a varied and potentially rewarding career to those with ability and commitment

What was your first job?
Car park attendant at Birmingham airport (Saturday job)

Where did you grow up?
Near to Birmingham airport

What was your education?
More Animal Farm than Brideshead Revisited

What is your favourite film?
A Wonderful Life

What is your favourite book?
See education

What is your favourite tea?
Very hot with a cooked breakfast (preferably made by someone else!)

What is your favourite joke?
Knock, Knock. Who's there?
Boo. Boo hoo
(That's what my underwriters do after a meeting with me!)

How often do you use public transport?
Whenever there is no other option

Who do you vote for?
I am slightly right of centre which leaves me free to vote for whichever party impresses

How did you vote in the last election?
Wasn't impressed

Are you in favour of the Euro? Yes/No?
Not yet