What newspaper do you read?

What newspaper do you read?
Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times

What was the worst business decision you have ever made?
Nothing springs to mind

What do you like best about insurance?
Rewriting the rule book and changing customers perceptions of insurance

What would you do if you left the industry?
Buy the Marbella Club

How do you relax if you do not play golf?
Watching and playing sport with my four sons

What is the biggest insurance claim you've made?
About £1,500 following a burglary years ago

Who do you most admire?
Jack Welch (boss of GE)

Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?
To acquire the remaining bottles of Chateaux Le Pin '82 and drink them at a memorable dinner!

On dress-down Friday, what do you wear?
Boss jeans and Tommy Hilfiger shirts

What is your favourite quote?
"My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best": Sir Winston Churchill.

What is your most over-used phrase?
"Stop talking about it and get on with it"

What keeps you awake at night?
My girlfriend

What advice would you give someone starting in insurance today?
Join Churchill

What was your first job?
A motor insurance clerk

Where did you grow up?
South London

What was your education?
Grammar school...followed by real life

What is your favourite film?
The Blues Brothers

What is your favourite book?
Three men in a Boat (but the one that made the deepest impression was Animal Farm)

What is your favourite joke?
Insurance company management saying their customer service is good – constantly makes me laugh

How often do you use public transport?
I regularly use the railway network