Wunelli chairman calls for common data standard for telematics

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Telematics firm Wunelli has rejected Labour’s plans to force insurers to offer customers a telematics product.

Wunelli chairman Sandy Dunn said: “We are confident Labour will not need to ‘force’ insurers to offer telematics – the insurance sector already understands the benefits in terms of risk rating, driver safety and fraud. The key is to ensure we don’t find ourselves in a situation with multiple black boxes in cars and no cohesive approach to how telematics data is collected and used.”

Wunelli also called for a common data standard for telematics.

He said: “There are good and bad young and inexperienced drivers of both sexes, and the good risks should be rewarded by lower premiums, irrespective of gender and based purely on how, where and when they drive their car.

“However, the value of telematics data as part of the risk-rating process can only be fully realised if the industry agrees a common data standard. That has to happen within the year so that insurers can be on the front foot when the European gender ruling takes effect in December. Wunelli is in the perfect position to provide a roadmap for this agreement.”