Insurers could be forced to adopt new provisions in ticket cancellations cover ahead of the cricket world cup next year.

The recent fall out between cricket umpire Darrell Hair and the Pakistan cricket team has lead to fears that more games could be cancelled if teams refuse to play under certain umpires.

Heath Lambert director of sports and leisure division

Charles Meaden, said: "People will be looking to see whether they are insured against ticket cancellations, and what exclusions insurers are putting into the cover."

Traditionally, said Meaden, insurance would cover the cost of the ticket if play was cancelled due to vandalism, poor weather or utility breakdowns. However, this could now be extended to include arguments on the pitch.

But, Meaden warned: "This could lead to moral hazards. Could the umpire be called upon to start a row because cancellation compensation will be paid? This will have to be taken into consideration."