As we prepare for statutory regulation, the most valuable asset of any business still remains its staff and managers.

But do all brokerages have in place a robust training and competency system that identifies gaps in knowledge, can produce job descriptions, identify key performance indicators and act as a valuable learning tool?

Do all firms have a comprehensive suite of reporting documentation which provides that all important evidence that training and competency issues have been tested and evaluated?

BrokerASSESS has been developed specifically for the broker market to address these areas and is already being used by thousands of individuals within hundreds of brokerages large and small.

We believe that the system is fast becoming the industry standard by which other training and competency packages can be judged.

BrokerASSESS is completely independent of any outside sponsorship and is jointly administered and developed by Biba and the CII, both of whom are long established not-for-profit organisations.

To ensure that Broker-ASSESS remains very much focused on the needs of the broker market, a user group of Biba members has been formed to oversee the future development of the system.

A 14-day free trial is available to both Biba members and non-members.

Biba members enjoy a substantial price discount.

Simply contact Biba House (020 7623 9043) for further details.


- Focused and cost-effective learning

- Step by step easily understandable approach which offers case scenarios that brokers can identify with

- Flexible competency assessment programme

- Automatic record-keeping system

- Simplifies management and monitoring by the controlled functions

- Demonstrates what is needed for regulatory compliance.