Ardonagh investor presentation reveals more details of Swinton battleplan 

Ardonagh has revealed its battelplan to make the most out of its £165m purchase of Swinton, a deal which will make it ’the largest personal lines broker in the UK’, according to latest documents.

The David Ross-led outfit will place Swinton into the Carole Nash and Autonet part of the business, led by Ian Donaldson. 

The next stage will be adopting ’Autonet’s best practices in customer analytics and pricing optimisation’ to drive income growth.

Swinton has ploughed £78m since 2016 into online tools and products, meaning it has a scalable IT platform.

But some of the biggest wins will be in making ‘significant savings’

“We believe that significant savings are achievable through enhanced operational efficiencies, back office integration and the elimination of duplicative back office functions, call center consolidation and the rationalisation of marketing and brand 21 spend where appropriate,” Ardonagh says.

It emerged yesterday that Ardonagh had taken on $225m of fresh debt to help fund the Swinton deal.

The investor presentation says that Ardonagh’s total financial debts stood at £1.1bn in June. Adjusted earnings for the half-year 2018 were £66.5m.