A couplE of years ago, Backchat incurred the wrath of Insurance Times readers for suggesting caravan owners might have less exciting lives than those with other hobbies.

Backchat at that time wondered about the “purple socks and sandals brigade”, the “sound of Thermos flask lids popping” and the fact that with such good insurance cover available, it made no sense to drive so slowly, blocking country lanes.

Backchat wouldn't dream of repeating such scurrilous statements today, especially since he received exciting news about insurance for the avant guard wing of the caravan movement – motorhomes.

Backchat has to hold his hand up and admit that he has chums with a motorhome and he has been away with them to the Lake District. He is even prepared to admit that he had a pleasant time, that it was gorgeous weather and there were lots of caravanners having a great time. He only went once, but it confounded his stereotype view of the lifestyle.

So imagine his disappointment to see this photo from Caravan Guard of a deserted motorhome on an empty roadside on a grey and overcast day. There's nothing Caravan Guard doesn't know about its market so if this is the image it wants to put across, Backchat must wonder if his personal experience of sun and frivolity was a one-off and his comments of two years ago were more accurate.