All-Girl string quartet Bond has signed a record-breaking deal to protect its most precious assets – insuring their fingers for £28m.

That equates to $40m (£28m), or $1m per digit. Yet that is only a fraction of the sum the girls are expected to earn as their success spreads across the globe.

Fulham-based Lloyd's broker Robertson Taylor has confirmed that it places “a number of insurance policies for the band and has done so for many months”.

The foursome were only launched seven months ago and already their sales have topped £1m.

Bond's manager Mel Bush said: “For a group like this, insurance is crucial.

“The brutal truth is that, without their fingers, they have
no future. The policy is done on a per-finger basis. If one
of them got their finger stuck in a door, for example, the insurance company would have to pay up.”

The quartet – violinists Tania Davis and Eos Chater, viola player Haylie Ecker and cellist Gay-Yee Westerhoff – are delighted with the deal, as it's a great excuse to avoid housework.

“We're not allowed to do the hoovering or touch sharp knives any more, so we're very happy,” said Gay-Yee.

Similar celebrity policies include footballer Michael Owen, whose legs are insured for £60m, and Lord of the Dance star Michael Flatley, who insured his legs for £30m.