With reference to the many recent articles in the trade press overwhelmingly in opposition to Paymentshield's stance on trail commission, I, like the previous owners (the Riding family), are amazed that this should ever have happened and excuses that this was before regulation and new terms of business seem very shallow indeed.

We at D&D Homecare built our business by keeping our word and paying commission to the loyal brokers who have supported us over the years. Many of these brokers have now retired, or for business reasons ceased their agreements with Paymentshield.

With our industry facing negative comments from all sides of the press, we need to support our partners and give them the confidence not only in our products, training and MI capabilities (including RMAR reporting), but also build the trust that we will continue to pay trail commission whether we change ownership or not.

People buy from people, whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer, and only from those they can trust: I can only reiterate David Quick's comments in Mortgage Strategy - look at alternatives and reward Paymentshield the way they have rewarded you.

Derek Green, Chairman, D&D Homecare