The Code of Practice for Trade Union Recognition is too complex for brokers to understand, warns Manchester law consultancy Peninsula.

Frank Kirkham, the firm's broker employment law specialist says the guidelines should have been available months before the law was enacted on June 6 to give brokers and their commercial clients time to learn understand and implement the legislation.

But the Code has only just been published on the internet. And the language is so complicated that only an academic will be able to make head and tail of it.

"Once again there has been no consideration for businesses such as insurance brokers and their clients," he said.

"Both the detail and text is complicated and I find it hard to believe that brokers will be able to interpret the information. Again, like previous guidelines, brokers and their clients will need academic minds to translate the information and implement into the workplace.

"The fact that Trade Union Recognition is a complicated piece of legislation, guidelines need to be made in layman's terms rather than the technical jargon that they are written in at the moment."