South East broker Williamson Moore (WML), the broker run by ex-Euclidian boss James Truscott, is poised for growth after its acquisition of broker Bradford Peters.

Managing director Truscott, who bought into the company in October, said the acquisition of Bradford Peters would make it one of the largest independent brokers in the South East.

He said Bradford Peters would remain an independent brand and that there were plans to push forward the growth of the broker.

WML, a property captive specialist and commercial broker, has attracted cash from Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to fund the acquisition programme.

The broker will also improve and roll out its specialist hotel and accommodation scheme to a national level in 2006, said Truscott.

He concluded: "Our combined business means that we have a strong team of brokers with considerable technical knowledge.

We intend to build on this position over the next few years through a combination of growth in our property captive business, new schemes and the acquisition of more local businesses."