Ecommerce company Plexus Online has won two major contracts for the supply of its internet claims management system.

Plexus, whose name in Latin means “knot of wires”, is to supply its system to Portsmouth-based brokers BDML Connect and financial advisers Grant Thornton.

The system feeds claims details to companies using secure email connections on the internet.

It can be adapted for use by motor repairers, call centres or brokers.

The company is also believed to be in negotiations with telesales and internet intermediary Peoples Choice.

The Plexus system was developed by Doug McKinnon, a former claims manager at insurer Drake who left two years before its fall into receivership last year.

Rayne Ward, business development manager at Plexus, said: “The system is flexible enough to be adapted to the individual needs of many clients.”

He added it could “provide superior customer service without unnecessary additional cost to the business providers in the chain.”