A routine flood damage claim turned into a psychedelic trip into the world of alternative therapy for one group of Munters technicians.

The job concerned a flooded Hertfordshire cottage belonging to an aromatherapist who also had a passion for Feng Shui – the Chinese belief that spiritual harmony can be created by changes to the home environment.

The woman had spent more than £800 on crystals and other Feng Shui paraphernalia to project the right spiritual vibes.

However, her beliefs caused the Munters crew some problems when they began to get down to their restoration work.

The woman objected to the workers using any power tools, as she claimed they would disturb the spirits in the cottage. When told that power tools were necessary for a proper job, the aromatherapist submitted an additional £800 claim for a new Feng Shui consultation to re-align the upset spirits.

Munters is not sure if the insurer has paid out. But it thinks the woman should possibly consider charging her Feng Shui consultant for failing to stop her cottage from flooding.