Saturday was spent at Twickers, with the roar of Swing Low Sweet Chariot and the mighty English running up four score points against the feisty Italians.

Backchat was there with his good rugby chums from RSA, the two Pauls – general insurance boss Paul Spencer and PR supremo Paul Aktinson. But the conversation wasn't all balls.

It's no Independent tour bus, but the RSA hospitality vehicle was a homely place and the cheerful staff certainly curried favour serving up a very popular Ruby Murry for the guests. (Apparently, however, it always serves curries, according to one of the Pauls).

But Backchat's RSA chums weren't quite so sure if the hospitality was as good as when the vehicle was put to its other use.

When not filling the bellies of Backchat and chums, it serves a more useful purpose – as RSA's emergency HQ during floods and other such disasters.

It was, for example, used in Kent and Sussex for the recent bouts of bad weather. Backchat sincerely hopes that it does not serve up beer in the same quantities as on Saturday, particularly as there is no toilet on board.

He wouldn't want desperate RSA staff making further contributions to the flooding problems.