Online quote portal to boost premium modelling facility for intemediaries

Webline, the quote and apply portal has allocated an additional £250,000 to develop specific features for its service offering.

Webline asked its customers at the company’s second user forum recently to suggest and prioritise the main enhancements that they would like to see added to Webline’s range of services.

The most popular suggestion for improvement was to build innovative premium modelling features, giving intermediaries much greater flexibility in commission sacrifice options.

Another area of development will look at further enhancements to the existing adviser-based management information facility. This will allow users/ managers to be able to more easily monitor cross-sales activity and conversion ratios of quotes to applications, aiding in-depth business analysis.

These suggestions will be scoped out and implemented over the coming year.

Matt Humphrey, client services and operations director at Webline, said: “This year’s user forum was again highly successful with some fantastic feedback, which gave us a real insight into what our customers are thinking. Moreover, it means that any future developments that we make will be as a direct result of hearing what our users want and need.

“Over 30 of our major customers attended the forum and were invited to suggest service enhancements or new developments they would like to see in the future. Subsequently, there are 10 clear areas for us to focus on; we estimate that the projects most in demand would cost around a quarter of a million pounds in total to develop.”

Webline is part of the Capita Group.