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Another week and another glut of Quinn headlines dominate the web. Half of this week’s top 10 stories on were related to the Irish insurer, which first caused a major spike in online traffic when it fell into trouble with the Irish regulator over two weeks ago.

Online visitors seemingly can’t get enough of Quinn-related news, and web traffic continues to reflect this. Our story ‘Quinn refusing UK renewals’ was the most popular with web users, who couldn’t wait to read it in the magazine and so went online to view it first.

The future of Quinn Insurance staff was also one of the biggest discussion points on the web, as workers protested over the regulator’s actions. A number of sites, including the BBC website, carried the story, and videos of protests in Ireland appeared on the web.

A Facebook group – Save Quinn Insurance – has also been set up in support of Quinn’s staff, who posted photos and videos, and has attracted more than 14,000 members. Quinn was also discussed on Twitter, where followers of @InsTimesNews read and retweeted the breaking news.

Away from Quinn, and the second-biggest talking point in the market – our mystery blogger Sid – caused a bit of a stir on 1 April. That was, of course, April Fool’s day, and if you didn’t get it, the story that appeared on our website entitled ‘FSA launches ‘Sid’ investigation’ was just for fun. (Although at least one reader seemed to take it rather seriously, based on their impassioned response!)

You can read Sid’s latest ‘On the QT’ blog on the site now, along with coverage of our most recent events.

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