"It is a very good forum for meeting broker clients. We tend not to get involved in broker politics. The seminars are always quite interesting. The focus of the conference - regulation - is the right one. Some people are overcooking its seriousness though. It is a serious thing, but we have always been regulated."
Mike Dickson, director, Dickson Manchester

"I hope for fellowship, real ale, ideas and chance to find out what is happening outside Wales. I am bringing a couple of future brokers with me and I hope that they will be inspired. I also hope to glean more knowledge of regulation.

"How will I judge if the conference is a success? If I come back with a clear view of regulation - I want to know what the advantages are. If my future brokers return with a glint in their eyes. And if I can enjoy the sea."
John Moore, group managing director, Thomas Carroll

"I go for the networking and to see how others are coping. The content is usually up to date with the current climate. It is concentrating on the right issues, and if I can glean a couple of things I will be happy.

"It is good to get away and look at new products and have a good time with brokers. Being in Cornwall I rarely get to meet key insurance personnel.

"I am optimistic that the conference will be successful. They have changed days - it is no longer on Saturday. It will be interesting to see if it still gets as much support. "
Glyn Rowett, principal, Rowett Insurance

"It is a great way of catching up with people. As we are based in the provinces it is a good way to find out what is happening. I hope to get an insight into what the FSA is doing.

"It is concentrating on the things it thinks are concerning the broker fraternity. I think it will end up as a talking-shop on these issues - but will it achieve anything?

"I will judge its success on whether we are more informed on the subject of regulation. I am not sure it will achieve that, though."
David Raw, corporate manager, Gale and Phillipson

"I hope to learn enough about compliance so I don't feel frightened into selling my business. All I hear is that regulation will be the worse thing in the world and it will put people out of business. I am looking for reassurance from Biba that as a small broker we will be able to comply and not sell. Things are critical. I want hope. "
Tony Scott, director, ADS Insurance Brokers

"I hope to get some comprehensive ideas relating to the issue of compliance. It will be a success if there is a good interchange of ideas and I get benefit out of the speeches and seminars.
Philip Bailey, manager, Agnew & Lowther

"I hope to gain a few nuggets from speeches and presentations on where the FSA is taking us. I am not optimistic though. It is also a good opportunity to network with brokers and insurers.

It will be successful if we can engage more fully with business colleagues and establish new contacts, and to have the opportunity to get together as a group and share ideas with the industry. It is important to get together with others in the market place and gain a wider perspective on the issues. "

"I am hoping that it will provide me a forum to discuss the issues facing our business sector with regard to both forthcoming FSA regulation and the opportunities created by the new Commercial Broking Alliance COBRA network.

"The sessions seem to clearly focus on the relevant points of interest. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Michael Portillo in action, hearing John Baxter's thoughts on fees v commission, and Roy Sheppard on 'Networking to Win'. It is always interesting to hear how people not directly associated with our stream of business perceive it and listen to their thoughts on the issues facing us.
Mark Zandler, commercial operation director, Truman Lincoln

"I hope to gain a more thorough understanding of what the FSA is doing, from the speeches and discussions with other delegates. I want to see if we are further down the road to compliance than others. It is concentrating on the important issues, such as FSA regulation and stress - our staff are under a lot of pressure. "
Peter Barnes, director, Backhouse Insurance Brokers