Guy Browning takes a sideways look at insurance jargon

R is for
Ratification - What happens to your expensive new hair do after a sudden downpour

Realty - PG Tips as opposed to fruit tea rubbish

Receiver - Bit of the phone you pick up to speak into

Rectification - Process by which plain English is turned into insurance speak

Reducing Option - Salad

Rejection Risk Insurance - Getting your friend to ask if someone fancies you

Replacement in Kind - When your friend goes out with the person you fancy

Rescission - Botched circumcision

Retrocession - Seventies night at the club

Risk - A dietary aid combining a rusk and a rice cake

Risk assessment - To look at a risk and then decide you'd prefer a Jammie Dodger

Roller reinsurance - Cover for hairdressing salons

Run-off statement - Letter from your wife describing her new life with the milkman