Guy Browning takes a sideways look at insurance jargon

N is for
Net earned premiums - Online gambling

New business strain - Difficulty some feel cold calling

New for old - Second wife

No-fault liability - Admission by men that they are wrong whatever the facts

Non-disclosure - Training of men to like whatever dress their partner has chosen

Not taken up - Where your reading glasses are when you get into bed

Novation - Latest dental treatment

Nuisance - Customer

O is for
Obligee - New rap sensation

Occupational hazard - Broker's liver

Open cover - Unprotected manhole

Open slip - Accident by which someone falls into open cover

Ordinary share - Slightly disappointing bonus

Ostensible authority - Dictatorial manner of car park attendants

Overall insurance cover - Cover for painters and decorators

Overheads - Clever and witty comments you don't actually understand