Ahead of the deadline for entries to the 2014 Insurance Times Awards, we speak to past winners about their win, their top tips for success and challenges and changes in the industry.

Here LV=’s marketing director Guy Hedger talks about winning the 2013 Brand Campaign of the Year - Mass Audience Award.

IT: What did the win mean to you/the team? 

GH: We were very proud to win the Insurance Times ‘Brand Campaign of the Year’ Award for the second year running. It means a lot to the team to be recognised by our industry as having the best campaign - particularly as we were up against some impressive competition.

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IT: Since you won the award, what has been the biggest change to the insurance industry? 

GH: The car insurance market has become increasingly tough for marketers so there has been increased investment in the other GI products, particularly home insurance. It’s always a challenge to stretch budgets across a broader range of products but it’s also allowed us to create an exciting new campaign for LV=.

IT: What is the biggest issue facing the industry in the next 12 months? 

GH: The 2013 winter floods offered an opportunity for insurers to demonstrate their expertise in customer service and claims.  If these weather events are repeated this year, there will be a higher expectation from customers for the industry to be prepared - it’s important that these expectations are met and exceeded. Effective marketing will ensure that our customers feel reassured that if the worst was to happen, we will be there to help them.

IT: Do you have any comments on new developments for your company in the year ahead? 

GH: LV= is exploring many digital opportunities and trying to understand the incremental value to our business. To achieve a truly balanced view, our digital activity is being tested to understand it’s cost, value and benefit over and above traditional proven media.

IT: Where does the IT Awards trophy live? 

GH: Our IT award sits on a cabinet next to our desks. It’s a great accolade for the team and reminds us of what we’ve achieved over the past few years.

IT: Top tip for people entering this year’s awards? 

GH: Always try to highlight how your campaign is unique and how you’ve done things differently. Always robustly analyse your results and during your presentation, try to get the personality of your brand across to the judges.


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