Some CHO's are abusing the GTA, according to the Vision boss

Since the inception of NACHO in 2002 the ethos has always been to be the ‘fair and reasonable’ voice of the credit hire market. We promote this to all of our members who share the same values as the original 5 founder members of NACHO.

Are there CHO’s who abuse the system of the GTA? Yes I believe there are, but equally some insurers do contribute to the cause of increasing costs of CHO’s by their lack of pro-activeness to settle claims, which leaves many cases ‘open’ for longer periods than they should be, thus increasing resource requirements. Part of the objective of the GTA was to speed up payment times but clearly this has not happened! Insurers sometimes argue that CHO’s do not provide completed payment packs with all the relevant information and supporting documents, hence the claim is delayed – which I agree does carry some weight!

How can this ‘improve’? I don’t believe this is an overnight fix! Hopefully the new governance measures will help, but I am not foolish enough to believe that this will repair all the problems. There has to be some movement in the way CHO’s act and perform, but insurers must also take responsibility to improve their resources and training. It puzzles me as to why some insurers can resource effectively to enable proactive dealings and reasonable settlement, yet others constantly fail to perform!

Some Insures believe various CHO’s purposely delay the process of a claim to take it out of the 90 day GTA period – is this true? I believe that the majority of GTA CHO signatories want, and need, payment within the 90 day agreement. An elongated settlement time increases working costs and reduces profit – so what’s the sense in that?

Will the GTA become more effective? I believe I share the common opinion that says ‘I hope so’, as the agreed framework is viable, but the attitude to adhere to it by both parties needs serious improvement!

Other current concerns and challenges include the subjects of fraud and increasing commission levels.

Tony Copeland is managing director of Vision.