England has the third most expensive squad behind Germany and Spain

The insurable value of all the players at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is £6.2bn, according to a report from Lloyd’s and the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr).

England has the third most expensive squad with an insurable value of £550.1m, behind Germany (£641.2m) and Spain (£590.1m).

Marco Castro from Lloyd’s Brazil said: “It is incredible to see how much some of the teams playing in Rio are worth – the top three, Germany, Spain and England – are worth more than £1.7bn collectively. This is more than the bottom 20 teams combined.

“The predicted insurable values also clearly show which groups should be trickier to qualify from than others – and it’s far from a level playing field.”

The research calculated Group G to be the toughest group, with an insurable value of £1.2bn, while the easiest was Group C (£337m). See infographic below.

Group D, in which England are competing, had an insurable value of £909m, making it the third most expensive group in the tournament.

Lloyd’s said that, taking the groups and research into account, it predicted a Germany vs Spain final.