Rebus Insurance Services has launched WorldView, an off-the-shelf package that allows insurers to integrate and access their existing legacy systems.

The WorldView package allows users to access, review and work on the company's internal systems remotely. They can do so via the internet or using mobile phone technology, WAP.

Sales and marketing director, Gary Lowry said: "Insurance remains one of the most paper intensive industries, where access and sharing information is still cumbersome and time-consuming."

Rebus IS believes WorldView will improve enterprise flexibility and operational efficiency. The package costs in the region of £1,500 for a single user. That cost can drop to £400 per user if an insurer or broker has several hundred users.

The system has been developed in conjunction with global IT giant Cisco.

Cisco's financial services development director, Steve Kelly, said: "In WorldView, Rebus has developed an out of the box solution that will significantly reduce intranet and extranet implementation times."

The WorldView package was launched last week and Rebus IS claims to be talking to a number of insurers about using the product.

Lloyd's broker Alexander Forbes is already using parts of the WorldView system.

Lowry said the technology has been three years in development.

He said: "WorldView allows users to create Windows on any application and, with some work, integrate systems."

Rebus claims to be able to install the technology for trial within days, although using the technology fully takes longer.