Further to Andrew Milner's letter in the (Letters, 10 November) and your front page story regarding the lack of insurance jobs for graduates, I would like to back up his argument from within the industry.

I am a 25-year-old commercial manager for a small broker in Nottingham and have been trying to assist careers advisers in my local area by offering my services to promote the broking sector.

This attempt to be proactive with our industry has been halted by the fact that there are not enough jobs available to warrant pushing people into the sector.

If as brokers, we do not look to bring in young people and invest in the training they need, we will face a jobs crisis very shortly due to the aging population of professionals.

We should invest in our own future by

nurturing and training young people into insurance professionals, instead of bringing in trainees and leaving them on filing duty for years on end, our industry loses so many young people to call centres just because they do not see any expansion prospects for their career.

By taking advantage of government funded schemes, its not expensive or time consuming to train individuals to a proficient level.

Neil Grimshaw
AC Insurance Consultants