Sunday, 26 March 2017

Revealed: What brokers think of insurer e-trading

NIG tops rankings for second year

NIG has once again topped the rankings as the best-performing insurer for e-trading.

For the second year running, the SME-only, broker-only insurer has come top in a survey of 246 brokers, in the Insurance Times E-trading Broker Insight ReportClick here to read the full report.

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The brokers were asked about their experience of trading across 12 insurer extranets and three software house e-trading platforms.

After its first place finish in last year’s inaugural survey, Direct Line Group (DLG) subsidiary NIG has again outscored all other providers of insurer extranets and e-trading software platforms in its aggregate score over 13 different service criteria.

Click here to read the full the Insurance Times E-trading Broker Insight Report.




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