Fee and commission income (1999):

Fee and commission income (1999):

Pre-tax profit (1999):

Head office:
Bishops Court
27-33 Artillery Lane
E1 7LP
Tel: 020 7247 5433
Fax: 020 7377 2139

website: insurancebrokers.hsbc.co.uk

Major shareholder:
HSBC Holdings

Chief officer:
Mike Dixon

Company history:
Companies within the group have been involved in placing insurance risks since 1808. The group in its present form was created by the merger of Gibbs and Hartley Cooper in 1983 and the acquisition of Holmswood Insurance Group in 1995.

HSBC Gibbs Holdings has overseas broking operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Oman, Cyprus and Bermuda. In addition, group executives travel extensively and transact business in most regions of the world.

Main lines of business:
HSBC deals with all classes of insurance and reinsurance. It specialises in corporate insurance and risk management, personal insurance, benefit consultancy, financial planning, schools insurances, crime and professional liability, marine aviation, country houses and estates, political risks, professional indemnity, construction and engineering, jewellery and fine arts, reinsurance, international property and oil and energy.

Number of UK branches:

Number of employees (average for 1999):