Worldwide GWP for 1998 (£000s):

Worldwide GWP for 1998 (£000s):
£3,952,581 (1997: £3,952,825)

Chief officer:
Dr Jurgen Zech, chief executive and chairman of the board of management

Address, telephone and fax number of European head office:
Von-Werthe-Strabbbe 4 - 14
50670 Koln
Tel: + 49 221 1441
F a x : + 4 9 221 14433 19
http: //

Key insurance personnel:
Board of Management
Dr Jurgen Zech (chairman of the executive board)
Dr Norbert Strohschen
Dr. Uwe - Volker Bilitza
Stefan L Volk
Bjorn Jansli
Jochen Aymanns

Company history
1904: Robert Gerling establishes an insurance brokerage "Bureau fur Versicherungswesen Robert Gerling & Co. GmbH," the nucleus from which the Gerling insurance group developed.
1935: At the age of 20, Hans Gerling becomes owner and CEO of the company upon his father's death.
1946: The British military government grants Hans Gerling an insurer's licence. He begins to rebuild the company with ten employees.
1974: Following the collapse of the Herstatt Bank, Hans Gerling temporarily loses the majority holding in his company and moves to the supervisory board.
1986: Hans Gerling repurchases the majority holding and again takes control as CEO.
1991: Hans Gerling passes away; his son, Rolf Gerling, becomes chairman of the supervisory board. Deutsche Bank purchases a 30-percent stake in the company.
1998: Restructuring of the German primary insurance business, founding of the Gerling Industrie-Service AG and the Firmen- und Privat-Service AG. The company intensifies its expansion efforts into foreign markets.

Domestic subsidiaries/ associated companies:
Gerling-Konzern Rechtsschutz
Versicherungs AG, Cologne.
Gerling-Konzern Speziale
Kreditversicherungs-AG, Cologne.
Lebensversicherungs-AG Cologne.
Globale Krankenversicherungs-AG, Cologne.
Deutscher Herold
Rechtsschutzversicherung-AG Bonn.
Foreign subsidiaries/

Associated companies:
Poistovna Gerling Solvenska a.s., Bratislava
Gerling America Insurance Company, New York
Gerling de Mexico Seguros S.A., Mexico City
Gerling Australia Insurance Company Pty. Ltd, Sydney.
Namur Nordic Kredittforsikring AS, Oslo
ATU Towarzystwo Ubezpiecezen S.A., Warsaw
Gerling Global General Insurance Company, Toronto.
Gerling Sul America S.A. Seguros Industriais, Rio de Janeiro
Société d'Assurance CrÈdit des Enterprises S.A., Le Mans

Worldwide net written premium for 1998 (£000s):

Worldwide net written premium for 1997 (£000s):