From cheap shots to heavy nights, it’s been an interesting few days for Insurance Times’s news editor

I have a session reviewing my writing capabilities with veteran The Times journalist Peter Gillman. Gillman doesn’t hold back if he believes a reporter is writing sloppy stories, but thankfully I manage to avoid a total tongue lashing.

Unhappy Bluefin boss Stuart Reid responds to Hiscox accusations that the broker is biased towards parent AXA. Reid calls it a “cheap shot”. Some people may believe that AXA is Bluefin’s biggest partner because of the parent and subsidary relationships, but I heard a few months ago that Aviva is actually AXA’s biggest insurer partner.

I’m at my desk bright and early (afternoon), after a heavy night at the Close Premium Finance drinks in London’s Royal Exchange. Last night, I bumped into Elliot Hayes, an old footballing pal of mine who works for Close. We reminisce about how we used to take apart all before us on the football field. Those were the days.

I’m working on a eurozone investigation with Ben Dyson. A City analyst tells me that in the unlikely event of an Italian default on its sovereign debt, the chaos would be so bad that all UK banks would have to be nationalised. Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy, are you listening?

At the ABI’s 2011 motor conference today, and some interesting topics are discussed, but I especially like the prediction by iGO4’s Tom Cooper that in the next 10-15 years there could be a central telematics hub of information revealing the full driving habits of every customer. BBC broadcaster Susanna Reid presented at the conference and lavishly praised the insurer that dealt with a recent claim on her stolen car. At least some members of the public are happy with their car insurer.