Gross written premiums less treaty (2001): £162m

Hiscox Insurance

Address: 1 Great St Helens, London, EC3 6HX

Tel: 020 7448 6000
Fax: 020 7448 6900


Year established: 1901

History: Hiscox was formed a hundred years ago. It is a specialist insurance company, it does not provide insurance for the mass market, but instead creates individual policies to suit clients' specific needs.

The Hiscox Insurance Company is a member of the Hiscox Group. The Hiscox Group (Hiscox) consists of the Hiscox Insurance Company (for which the information above applies), Syndicate 33 at Lloyd's and various overseas operations. In 2001 Hiscox had a gross premium income of £549m, including Lloyd's income. The Hiscox Insurance Company was first registered on the London Stock Exchange on 17 May 1901 and is now a member of the international Hiscox Group.

Chief officer: Sian Fisher

Biography: Sian Fisher is managing director of Hiscox Insurance. She joined Hiscox in 1986. She originally wrote a multi-class account for Syndicate 624, with a specialty in professional indemnity (PI). She began specialising in unusual areas of PI in 1994.

She joined Syndicate 33 to run the PI area and in 1996 took on the book of business for Economic Insurance Company, which was subsequently renamed Hiscox Insurance Company. In 1997 she moved her team and account to work full-time for Hiscox.

Her responsibilities broadened to all commercial lines in 1998 and she also had responsibility for the Harrogate regional office.

UK branches:4

UK staff (average for 2002): 124

Major shareholders: Hiscox

Main lines of business: Affluent personal lines customers, professional and service providing businesses

Major shareholders: CNA Financial Corporation

Main lines of business: marine (cargo, hull, liabilities), financial lines, travel and personal accident, professional indemnity.