Worldwide GWP for 1998 (£000s):

Worldwide GWP for 1998 (£000s):
£1,187,980 (1997: £1,188,054)

Chief officer:
Carlo Albani Castelbarco Visconti (president)

Address, telephone and fax number of European head office:
Via Corte d'Appello 11
101 22 Turin
Tel: +39 011 431 1111
Fax: +39 011 435 0966/7

Key personnel:
Carlo Albani Castelbarco Visconti
Elio Casetta
Alessandro Guidobono Cavalchini
Avogadro di Collobiano
Arnaldo Giannini
Enrico Marenco di Moriondo
Enrico Piola
Antonio Mari Marocco
Iti Mihalich
Pier Carlo Romagnoli
Lodovico Sella
Giuseppe Solinas
Marco Weigmann

Company history:
Founded in 1828, the company initially operated only within Sardinia, but spread during the later part of the century to all parts of Italy. In the 1930s it extended its initial non-life activities to include life risks. Though still a mutual insurer, Reale Mutua has been moving with the times with regard to the regulatory and operational changes going on in the European insurance market, and it is developing interests in Spain and France.

Lines of business:
Accident and Health
Marine, Aviation, Transport
Fire and Property Damage
Third Party Liability
Credit and Suretyship
Sundry Pecuniary Losses
Legal Expenses

Domestic subsidiaries/Associated Companies:
Cisalpina Previdenzia S.p.A.
Compagnia Italiana di Previdenza, Assicuranzioni e Riassicurazioni S.p.A.
La Piemontese Assicurazioni S.p.A.
Egida S.p.A.
Universo Assicurazioni S.p.A.
European Insurance subsidiaries and Associates:
Rem Vie SA (France)
Reale Visa SA (Spain)
Reale Autos y Seguros Generales (Spain)
Reale Asistencia SA (Spain)

Worldwide net written premium for 1998 (£000s):

Worldwide net written premium for 1997 (£000s):